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Address signs serve a very practical business purpose: they assist customers and prospective employees in locating commercial enterprises. In many cases, this type of signage helps offset the impact of a poorly visible storefront. Retail and service businesses in particular often generate significant contacts as a result of well-placed, stylish address signs. This brief article explores this important type of commercial advertising.

A Standard Message in Variable Formats

Paradoxically, while address signs typically set forth the accurate street address of a company, this form of signage occurs today in many forms. Some businesses include multiple signs promoting a location. The sign may cover a portion of a building’s exterior, mark a mailbox or mail drop, and/or identify a parking lot entrance. Sometimes window signage furnishes address information, too.

In some cases, businesses sharing a common building or mall combine their resources to erect an impressive permanent stone or wooden address marker in front of the site. A landlord or developer may also make this investment on behalf of tenants. Since customers cannot locate service businesses or professional offices without first identifying the correct site, this type of advertising proves essential.

Some Variations in Content

If a firm owns a location, such as a factory or an office building, the company may choose to add its name and logo on (or close to) a prominently placed address sign. This strategy helps reinforce branding goals. The visibility of the address alerts potential customers to the physical location, while the name and logo help identify the occupant or owner. Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York illustrates this approach. Signage above the front entrance prominently displays the name of the building, while other nearby door signage carries the precise street address.

Combining a name and logo in close proximity to a commercial address does impose a degree of risk, however. If a firm should ever decide to sell or lease its real estate, it may incur expenses modifying exterior signage. Yet in many situations, the promotional advantages outweigh this potential detriment.

Further Information

Enterprises benefit by planning address signage carefully. This feature proves especially important for companies which depend upon storefronts to generate new business. Attractive signage holds value.

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