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There is thought that probably goes through millions of people’s thinking daily. The thought is about why businesses use outdoor signs. We are so familiar with advertising, marketing, and how vital signs are to most businesses that we usually go about our day without giving it much thought.

Call Attention to the Business

There is another dimension to using outside signs. A business relies upon expertly designed outside signs to help call attention to location and direction. Where a company is located and how to get there is essential. Today it is so simple to put into our GPS the site of the business and be brought to the location. Sometimes businesses re-locate from one block to another or one part of the city to another, and outside signs become extremely important. For example, “Welcome to XYZ Business under new Management” or “ABC Catering Grand Opening December 23,” are two very familiar scenarios where a business needs to have expert designers creatively use their logo to design outside signs for upcoming events in their business.

New Business in Town

A new business that is moving to town needs to accomplish thousands of business details before their grand opening. A new business today needs not only electronic marketing through social media but also professional created signs to be used for outside endorsement of their company. For larger businesses who re-locate in a new neighborhood, all it takes is one external sign large enough to capture the eyes of thousands of brand followers to create an expectation and a future hope to visit the store being built. Outdoor signage that is professionally designed according to the specifications of its business owner and well-planned weeks or months in advance of the grand opening can mean the difference between having thousands on grand opening day flood the store or only a handful. An outside sign for business means placing it where the customers are and drawing them in through visual marketing. On the other hand, an outdoor sign can also mean the difference between a customer finding or not finding a business in a busy neighborhood.

Outside Sign Use

Outside business signs have traditionally been used in a number of successful ways from showing the address of the store, the hours of business on the door, small engraved plate of the company and its services as a lower part of a shopping center bulletin board, or as a logo and welcome sign on the outside door of a corporate office building.