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A directory sign is used to display information about the tenants in a building such as the company name and office suite number for the company. There could be an arrow symbol next to the company names on the sign. The arrow symbols are used to help a visitor in a building such as for making a left or right turn when walking away from the sign and toward an office.

Artistic Designs for Directory Signs

The information on the sign should be designed with careful choices about the colors and letters. The colors should complement the interior of the building but should not blend with the other colors in the building. The sign should have distinctive colors, such as black letters on a white background, which would quickly attract the attention of a visitor who could be lost in the building.

Colors for Directory Signs

The choices for the colors could include a darker tint of some of the colors in the building, such as dark navy blue or dark brown. If the carpet is medium blue, then the navy blue would complement the medium blue but would also be a sharp contrast to a pale blue background on the sign. Some dark brown letters on a white sign could be used to complement the brown wood paneling in a building.

Letters for Directory Signs

The style of the letters could have some artistic curls for a soft aesthetic effect but should also be shaped with distinctive features to ensure that a visitor would recognize the letter. If the short horizontal bar on top of the letter “T” is slightly curved on each end, then the letter would have a smooth shape without sharp edges.

Illuminated Directory Signs

A directory sign could be mounted on a wall or mounted on a pedestal sign stand. There should be enough light to ensure that visitors can easily read the company names on the sign. If sunlight from windows is the primary source of light inside a lobby, then the sign could be illuminated with some light from a white background. A freestanding sign can be moved to a spot that has enough light.

Courteous Requests for Tenant Approval for Directory Signs

A building manager could ask tenants to approve a new sign because the company names of those tenants will be displayed on the sign. Those tenants would have an important business opportunity for influencing visitors with the sign. The tactics for branding are also important for the design of the company names on directory signs.