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Today, advertisers sometimes face a dilemma. Should a company select a finely crafted customized sign or opt for a less expensive, mass-produced sign? Important distinctions exist between these two products. Many enterprises choose to utilize both types of signage. This brief article explores the pros and cons of these two popular forms of advertising.

Key Differences Between Custom And Mass-Produced Signs

In general, customized and mass-produced signs differ in terms of the types of messages they convey. Any business seeking to promote unique information (such as a business name, an address, or a logo) requires a personalized sign. Customers need this individualized information in order to identify and patronize the company. Additionally, a custom sign generally utilizes higher quality construction materials. It frequently endures for a lengthier period of time than a mass-produced sign for this reason.

By contrast, mass-produced signs offer inexpensive ways to convey repetitive, simple messages, such as: “closed”, “exit”, or “hard hats required”. Mass-Produced signs frequently relay universal health and safety messages, in fact. They may employ specific colors to draw attention to safety hazards.

Exceptions For Every Rule

Yet broad generalizations about “custom” versus “mass-produced” sometimes proves misleading. Today, the differences between a customized sign and a mass-produced one may prove illusory. Recent technological advances now permit customization on a previously impossible scale.

For example, a candidate seeking elective office may commission a large number of mass-produced yard signs displaying customized information: the office seeker’s last name and the election year. These signs carry unique data. Yet no one will consider re-using them again after the election. Today, campaigns enjoy the capability to order this type of temporary individualized signage in high volumes at discounted rates.

Branding Concerns

Most businesses prefer to utilize customized promotional signage whenever possible. For instance, selecting a sign displaying a company logos or motto helps reinforce branding. Whether to customize a simple message (or not) by adding a detailed firm insignia to the sign remains an important policy decision for managers. A variety of factors enter into the decision, including the sign’s purpose, the location, the potential audience, and the budget.

Further Information

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