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Elevator graphics are signs or artwork created by graphic designers placed on elevators. There are many different clever ways graphic design can be used by companies but placing them on elevator doors is popular for several types of businesses. When people are in the elevator for a few minutes, they have no choice but to sit and notice what’s in or on the elevator. This could be a prime opportunity to advertise a company’s brand.

A restaurant is a good example of a business that would benefit from this. People are visual when it comes to food. In commercials, food items are even given makeovers to trigger people’s hunger and appetites. This same tactic can be used for the art on elevator doors in a mall with a food court. The food items or designs that feature the artwork for the company will naturally give people that enter the elevator an appetite for whatever type of food the company sells. If this works for commercials, this should work for digital art.

Another type of business this could work for is a clothing company or a salon. People that look to improve their appearance will want to be visually impacted by whatever is in the store or whatever the salon specialist will do with their appearance. An aesthetically pleasing product or design on the elevator will lead them to believe the people that work for the company will know what looks good and flattering.

Design companies, like those that work with real estate agents, are also the perfect example of someone that should be able to benefit from something like this. If someone sees a beautiful building or landscape that jumps out at them, they will be more compelled to look at the company and check out the options. If people don’t like how the investment looks, there is no way they will want to spend money. Elevator art could get them to pay attention.

Another type of business that could benefit from this is a nightclub or any other type of social club. The type of graphics used for a club is crucial to portraying it as a trendy place to be.

These types of companies are very visual in nature, but elevator graphics can work for any place of business. No matter the establishment, there is no need to be discouraged. Humans are very visual creatures, so selling anything through the talent of a great graphic designer is not difficult at all.