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Working at a construction site is extremely risky and can become dangerous for both workers and people that happen to be around the construction site. Luckily, there are many types of signs to use at construction sites. Government regulation requires the usage of these signs to keep everyone safe. One of the organizations that regulates the workplace is the Occupational Hazard Safety Association (OSHA). They have standards that help employers keep their place of business free from stress or the risk of injury. They guide every establishment from restaurants, hair salons and schools to hospitals and zoos. They do so for every workplace one can imagine. This means they determine the standards for signs in a workplace like a construction site.

There are signs that state that personal safety equipment is needed. Some examples of these are gloves, goggles, a hard hat or a safety vest. One of the most important signs used is the sign that lets others know there are people working in the area. The less clutter and distraction, the faster a construction project will get done. There are also fire protection signs that warn people of a fire hazard. Water signs are needed to prevent people from slipping or to prevent electrocution. Signs are needed to keep people that are not working on the project from entering a construction site. Hand tool signs are also used to ensure that workers check their tools. Using the wrong tools can slow down production or even interfere with the safety of anyone around the construction site. Housekeeping signs are used to make sure that every exit and entrance is not blocked. This can get in the work of the workers and cause an even greater issue in case of a fire. There are additional signs that alert people to debris or high voltage objects that are nearby. OSHA requires that every risk involved in a public place be distinguished with a sign for the sake of both employees and clients.

Even people working on their own home projects may need construction signs. It may not be a necessity required by the government, but it is helpful to others to let people know what types of risks are in their environment, even outside of a public place. Keeping the workplace safe is no more important than being considerate to neighbors or other residents that happen to drop by the neighborhood.