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Feather banners are an effective way to promote a business or event because they stand out and get noticed. They consist of a simple yet durable curved pole frame and an attached banner. Lightweight and portable, they can be used indoors or out.

People driving past strip malls might not be aware of all the businesses in the mall, but a feather banner with a company name or logo placed near the parking lot entrance can increase that company’s visibility and alert the public to its presence there. A feather banner can also help a business be more prominent when located on a street crowded with lots of other establishments.

Displayed outside, a feather banner can alert passersby to special events such as sales and other promotions going on inside, a change of management, or the opening of a new business. They can also be used to announce houses for sale, advertise places for rent, or mark the location of a family reunion or company picnic.

Used inside, a feather banner can draw attention to where a sale item or certain information can be found. And the banner can easily be moved to a different area when a new sale or promotion occurs.

Feather banners are not intended to contain long messages; they work best with a logo or a few words, such as “SALE!” or “Open House”. When flags are combined, they can effectively communicate a longer message: “Under New” “and Better” “Management!”

When not in use, feather banners can be packed away and take up minimal space. Their compact storage size and light weight make them ideal to bring to trade shows, street festivals, seminars, and other events. They are easy to assemble and take apart.

Feather banners come in varying sizes and can be single or double-sided. Feather banners are available in multiple sizes. The banner is custom designed and made of a weather-resistant polyester fabric. The pole is made of durable, light-weight material. Several base options are available, depending on how the banner will be used:
– Ground spike – for securing pole in grass outdoors
– Cross base – for indoor use and easy mobility

Our team can help plan how to strategically use feather banners to best promote your business. Call or email us today to find out more.