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Dimensional Letter Signs
One way to enhance the professional appearance of a business’ store front is to use dimensional signage. Dimensional signage, or dimensional signs, adds depth to the height and width of a two-dimension sign. It can be used for letters, number, logos and any type of custom design. The reason some businesses choose dimensional signage is that adding the third dimension makes a flat sign more eye-catching and visually appealing. Businesses invest in dimensional signs because they often realize an immediate and direct return on their investment with, for example, increased foot traffic into their stores. Several attributes contribute to the value of dimensional signage including–

Highly Visible Branding

Dimensional signs stand out. The shape of the dimensional sign increases the viewing distance of the sign. The surrounding shadows make the dimensional sign stand out more from the background so that viewers can see it better from farther away. At a glance, customers can learn more about the business like its location and the products and services that it sells. With more visually appealing dimensional signage, there is often greater brand recognition and, thereby, emotional connection to the business.

Versatile Placement

Also, dimensional signs can be located inside or outside. They can be placed high on a pole street-side or at ground level near the entrance to an establishment, either across the storefront or inside the lobby area. They are typically sized and placed to provide more information about the location or about the services provided.

Durable Construction

Dimensional signs are made from practical materials. A variety of construction materials can be used to make dimensional signs. Often, the material of construction is chosen based on cost, function, and location. Acrylic signs are cost effective and long lasting, and they can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Another economical choice is high-density urethane, or foam, which is easily customizable and readily shaped to suit any type of design. A more expensive material option for dimensional signs is metal. Metal is strong and hard wearing, and it can be painted or polished for a sleek, contemporary look. Common metals used for signage are aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel.

Businesses choose dimensional signs for their curb appeal and for how they enhance brand recognition. They also choose these types of attention-grabbing signs because they can be a cost-effective way to draw more customers into their establishments. For these reasons, dimensional signs clearly add value to the marketing strategy of any brick-and-mortar business.