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Top Benefits of Choosing a Projecting Sign
A projecting sign is the best way to make a business literally stand out. These types of signs are also sometimes called a blade sign or a flag-mounted sign. In general, projecting signs are mounted perpendicular to the building or business that they are being used to identify. This makes these types of signs the most ideal for businesses like retail where the sign is located in a high traffic area among numerous other signs.

When compared to a traditional sign such as a panel mounted to a wall, a projecting sign increases visibility. A projecting sign can give a company the opportunity to display their business to more pedestrians and drivers at street level or in a shopping setting. People are more likely to notice a sign that is sticking out off of a wall than they are to notice a sign that is laying flat against a building. With modern technology, there are even more ways that projecting signs can be developed with creativity and innovation in mind.

Family owned and operated, our design team is able to work with our clients through every step of the manufacturing process of creating a projecting sign. When it comes to making the logo of a business stand out, it is all about the details. A projecting sign is a powerful marketing tool because these types of signs can be easily customized and can stand the test of time. From the brackets to the colors used in creating the look of the sign, there are numerous aspects that can be used and manipulated to get the desired look. This especially makes these types of signs ideal if they are involved in a historic project. They can be crafted to match the architecture of the building they are featured on which can really make a statement and draw in more visitors.

More importantly, projecting signs can be visible at day or night with the help of visual enhancement or the use of LED lights. If a business owner is looking for a 24/7 representation of their business, the right projecting sign can be created to capture all aspects of the brand. The size and design of the sign can determine how far away it is readable from a distance or what hours it is most easily visible.

With so many customization options to consider, a projecting sign is a top choice for retail business owners or any business owner that is looking for new ways to make a business stand out.