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Law firms need to have signage that shows professionalism, class, and quality, and signs that will make your clients trust your work. Signage on a law firm building or the door of any law office speaks volume, and it is useful in communicating with all types of clients.

As mentioned above, signage on law firm buildings is a non-verbal way of communicating with potential clients. Law signage details should be able to express your firm’s goal, mission, vision, and what it stands for within a matter of minutes or seconds.

Most law firms will go for cast metal or solid metal signage. Some metal materials for signs include aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and bronze. The main advantage of metal signage is that it is easy to clean and polish, and it shows the class and professionalism of a law firm. Of course, there are other options available and the customer should definitely get the look he or she wants when it comes to signage.

Most states in the USA will need a law firm to use braille signs that meet the required guidelines. These signs are also known as ADA signs. A law company should look into working with signage companies that provide the necessary ADA, directional, and way-finding signs.

There is also the use of digital signage on law firm buildings. This type of signage is useful when sharing notifications and other information with their clients and visitors. Digital signage for law firms is a useful marketing tool. With the right information available on the screens, you will quickly build trust with clients. This type of signage system also allows firms to control the amount of content available to clients and then send this information to the intended audience. Law firms can place digital signs in the lobby or reception area. The size of the sign will depend on the amount of traffic in the lobby or reception.