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In simple terms, a lobby sign is a sign that is in the reception area or lobby space of a building, business, or office. It is usual practice to have a sign put up in the lobby area, and this helps in directing and allowing guests to identify the place they are at. A lobby sign also gives the business or office an elegant and professional look. A lobby sign does not have to be complicated. A rather simple, well-designed, and well-thought-out lobby sign does the trick of informing clients about what the company stands for.

There are several types of lobby signs that help brighten the atmosphere in the office space. It is possible to customize a lobby sign for any business. Signs come in different shapes, thickness, color, material, and several other application methods. Before we delve further into this topic of signs, we need to look at the benefits that comes with having a lobby sign.

Advantages of a Lobby Sign

  • A lobby sign in the reception area will immediately make customers feel welcome. Thus, make sure that the business invests in beautiful, professional, and eye-catchy lobby signs that are inviting to clients
  • The sign provides details about the company or brand. It acts as a visual representation of the company and communicates to clients about the strengths, mission, vision, and goals.
  • Lobby signs also help set a business apart from other companies. This is advantageous to a business that shares office floors.
  • They act as a source of direction. Clients can comfortably follow these signs and find their way through a new office or building.

Popular types of lobby signs

In the US and across the world, different lobby signs come in different designs such as:
1. Acrylic letters that the business can customize to suit its brand needs. This lobby sign design is quite elegant.
2. There are Illuminated lobby signs, which are a modern approach.
3. Metal letters, which can use materials such as aluminum or metal laminate.
4. Foam lobby signs design which helps in showing off the creative side of the company.

A business must have a shopping destination for lobby design ideas. One of the common custom sign manufacturing companies that will customize lobby signs for any business is James River Sign in Virginia. The company works with the clients to come up with a desirable end product for their clients’ businesses.