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Tenant Panel signage comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, it is up to the landlord to choose signage that suits their place of residence. Tenant signage allows clients to identify rental areas quickly.. There are several benefits to putting up Tenant Panel signs, and they include:

  • Potential clients can quickly locate business premises. Tenant Panel signage helps to give direction to clients.
  • It is a good marketing strategy. Tenant Panel signage that communicates the business will help in building up traffic and get more customers.
  • Tenant Panel signage also allows other people living in the same neighborhood to recognize the advertised company. These people might eventually become new clients.
  • Tenant Panel signage is essential to the landlords leasing the property.

There are different types of Tenant signage, including:

Electronic Tenant Signs

Although electronic tenant signage systems can be confusing to clients, a good signage company will work with their clients from the process of designing, installation, maintenance, and even offer repair services. The signage is quite convenient, and the client can customize them to suit their business needs.

One can use this type of Tenant Signage system for advertising their business 24/7. Electronic signage systems work like multi-tenant or single-tenant signage, but use electric lights including LED, LCD, incandescent lamps, projection, and HID. Most signage companies will allow you to customize and use highly creative content such as photos or videos for your brands. Because of the lighting used, brands can advertise their content even at night.

Multi-tenant signage

This type of signage works for buildings or properties that consist of several tenants in one location. The signs contain panels that are easy to remove and that have the tenant’s name or logo. The tenant can customize their signage from scratch, but most of the Tenant signage are designs from computers and mainly use vinyl material or digital prints.


For other Tenant Panel signage details, James River Sign Company works with clients to help them make the best decision in terms of signage types and materials to use for Tenant signage. The customer care team guides clients in the kind of styles they can use for their Tenant Panel signage, including monumental signs, dimensional letters, and sandblasted signage, among other techniques.