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Businesses not using LED lighted signs may find they are falling behind competitors. LED signs offer the potential to boost community awareness and increase sales. The benefits of outdoor LED signs are particularly important when compared to traditional advertising efforts, such as radio, newspapers, and billboards.

In the long run, the initial cost of purchasing full-color LED lighted signs is cheaper and more cost-effective than other advertising options. Along with negating the need for a business to expend money to change a sign’s display, LED signs also consume very little energy and require little maintenance.

Brighter Displays
Compared to other types of outdoor signage, LED signs are much brighter. Additionally, LED signs are quite visible at greater distances, which makes it easy for them to grab attention. These signs are even highly visible in the daytime in direct sunlight.

In comparison to traditional lighted signs, LED signs are also very durable. This is because they are constructed from non-breakable materials. LED modules usually last as long as 100,000+ hours.

Customized Advertising
In business, it’s important to remain flexible. LED signs make that possible, as they can quickly keep up with changing weather conditions and situations. Business owners can even quickly customize their LED sign advertising messages to target a direct audience. It’s possible to change everything from the graphics to the text quickly and easily on a LED sign. All it takes is a click of a computer button to update the sign. Furthermore, changes are displayed within real-time. It’s even possible to schedule messages based on a specific day or even time of the day. Businesses no longer need to worry about being behind the times with their advertising messages.

Lower Electricity Consumption
Among the primary benefits of a LED sign for many business owners is the fact that they offer reduced power consumption. Outdoor LED signs consume up to four times less electricity than signs using incandescent bulbs or neon. This allows businesses to operate in a much more environmentally friendly manner.

Greater Curb Appeal
As most business owners know, it’s critical to attract the attention of potential customers as quickly as possible. A picture truly says a thousand words. LED signs offer business owners the opportunity to benefit from beautiful visuals and graphics, thus boosting a business’s aesthetic appeal.

All factors considered, LED offer businesses much more advertising potential and cost savings than traditional lighted signs.