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When considering options for indoor signs, business owners need to take into consideration the fact that there are numerous options that provide different functions. Choosing the best sign depends on determining the function it will serve.

Lobby Signs
Interior lobby signs provide an important first impression. Not only do these signs welcome clients and customers into a business, but they also provide assurance that the customer is actually in the correct place. When handled properly, lobby signs can also reinforce a business’s branding.

Way-finding Signs
Way-finding signs serve to help people find their way through a location. Based on the layout of a building, different types of interior signs may be used for way-finding. For instance, lobby signs and door signs may be critical or way-finding in an office. By comparison, banners and wall murals may be more appropriate for retail stores.

Window Graphics
Among the most common indoor signs are window graphics. These types of signs offer businesses an opportunity to communicate critical information such as branding and even business hours.

ADA Signs
According to the American with Disabilities Act, businesses are mandated to have specific interior signs in place to assist individuals with disabilities with finding their way around a store or office. For instance, ADA signs may provide directions for individuals with visual impairments. Such signs may feature raised text, braille, or even be designed according to specific sizing.

Banners and Posters
Custom indoor banners and posters provide an effective way to increase brand awareness. Additionally, they are also quite cost-effective and easy to maintain. Posters and banner can be installed easily on practically any surface. This makes them ideal for use at conferences and trade shows. They also provide a way to reflect campaigns for products and services while promoting achievements.

LED Signs
Indoor signs are available in a variety of formats, including LED signs. These signs offer a variety of benefits, including the ability to position them in multiple ways and are easily visible in low-light situations.

Wall Graphics
Wall graphics make it possible to convert an empty wall into a space for communicating important information. Such information might include sales and promotional announcements, marketing opportunities, and even employee of the month announcements. In fact, the possibilities are almost unlimited with indoor wall graphics.

In choosing the right type of indoor signage, business owners need to consider where the sign will be placed as well as how it will be used. This includes how often the sign may need to be updated. With so many options available, indoor signs offer a myriad of opportunities.