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Despite the fact that businesses are largely making the move toward digital advertising, there is still a place for physical signage, especially outdoor signs. In fact, signage is critically important when it comes to bringing in customers. This is because outdoor signs are used for advertising as well as branding. As is the case with digital advertising, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning for signage.

First and foremost, business owners need to ensure they are following all local codes regarding the placement of signage particularly the size of signs. In addition to following local regulations and restrictions, business owners should also follow a few other tips.

Location not only applies to real estate, it’s also important for signage. Where a sign is placed determines where a business is branded. Anyone who drives by the location of a sign will become acquainted with who a business is and what they have to offer. Therefore, they will be much more likely to become a client of that business.

In placing outdoor signage, it’s critical to first ensure the signage is situated in an approximate location to the business. This is because most people tend to shop in the local area where they live. Secondly, signage should be placed onsite at the business so it can be easily located.

Size Is Important
Size is critical in terms of signage. This does not mean only the actual size of the sign but also the size of the text on the sign. Business owners should not make the mistake of thinking that the bigger the better. In fact, sometimes a larger sign can be too much of a distraction and actually detract from the overall message of the sign. In some cases, a smaller sign is actually far more effective.

Additionally, size restrictions should be considered. Many cities are now placing bans on placing billboards in specific locations. There may also be local and state laws that need to be considered regarding the size of signage for outdoor advertising purposes.

Style Is Crucial
Ultimately, the most important element of an exterior sign is the message it displays. Business owners might be surprised to discover the lettering of a sign can actually make a significant difference in terms of whether someone reads the message or not.

While there may be many options for exterior signage, the bottom line is that all businesses, regardless of industry, need signage. As both a branding and advertising tool, exterior signage is crucial to reaching target audiences.