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Dimensional letters are constructed from a solid material most of the time. Such materials might include steel, aluminum, foam, acrylic, bronze, copper, brass, or plastic. These letters can be mounted on both a flat and a textured surface. Additionally, they can be lit on the front or backlit.

In choosing the right material for a dimensional letter project, business owners need to take their brand into consideration, as well as their budget. It’s also important to think about where the letters will be positioned.

When designing a dimensional letter project, it’s imperative to make certain that the project remains consistent with the brand where it will be incorporated. For example, if the brand tends to use metals, plastic dimensional lettering would look out of place. Likewise, if the brand relies on the use of certain colors, then the use of raw materials would be inconsistent with that branding.

Location should also be taken into consideration when determining the design of dimensional letters. For outdoor placement, materials will need to be selected that are capable of withstanding the elements. Letters that will be positioned near a window and receive natural light may not need to be lit.

Possible display locations for dimensional letters include:

• Mounted on a building façade
• Mounted along office hallways
• Situated above a business entryway
• Standing alone on countertops, tables, etc.
• Located above the foyer or welcome area

Business owners should also consider how far the lettering needs to be visible, as this will determine the size of the lettering. If the sign needs to be visible from a great distance, it’s important to make sure that the right size is used. Otherwise, the lettering will be virtually useless.

Of course, budget is also an important consideration of most business owners. As a general rule of thumb, metals are typically more expensive than other materials including foam, acrylic, and plastic. Even so, aluminum presents an option that is both durable as well as cost-effective. While budget is always important, durability should also be considered. Choosing less expensive materials could result in the need to replace the lettering far too soon. By comparison, selecting a material that will hold up well over time will ensure a greater return on investment.

When designed properly, dimensional lettering offers a great way to attract attention and boost awareness.