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What are the Benefits of Buying a Monument Sign?
When you think of “monument signs,” you typically think of the obvious: signs for statues and monuments. But monument signs can be used for much more than commemorating a historical figure. Monument signs are used to identify businesses and apartment complexes, advertise services and products, and give passers-by information through an LED screen. Are you looking for a way to draw more attention to your business, college, hospital, or strip mall? Here’s a few of the ways that monument signs can be used to your advantage.

1. They Make Your Business Look More Professional and Established

When you’ve spent time and effort on establishing a professional-grade sign outside your business, it sends the message that you’ve been here a while–and you’re not planning on leaving any time soon. Think of small, family-owned businesses. How many of them have monument signs? Now think of all the chain restaurants, hospitals, and corporations you’ve seen that have monument signs near their parking lots or driveways. These signs send a clear message that this business is a permanent fixture of this community.

2. You Can Advertise the Stores Inside a Strip Mall Area

Instead of hanging up several individual signs, why not invest in a single monument sign that allows you to advertise all the businesses operating within your local area? You’ll let shoppers know that they’ve arrived at the right place and give them an idea of what to look forward to. These types of signs are also easily interchangeable, so you can swap out the signs if a business shuts down and another one takes its place.

3. They’re Sturdy and Weather-Proof

Have you ever seen a storm knock over a statue? It’s not impossible, but it would take tornado-levels of bad weather to destroy a firm rock monument. And that’s what you’re getting when you invest in a monument sign. It’s a permanent part of the landscape.

4. You Can Quickly Give Passers-By Information

A scrolling LED sign is a quick, easy way to transmit information to anyone who happens to walk or drive past your business. Let college students know that the semester’s about to start, inform churchgoers that their worship service has been canceled, or inform shoppers about an exciting new sale. LED lights are exciting and eye-catching, and can be customized with just about any text, font, color, design and pattern that you’re looking for.