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Today attractive church signage supplies vital information about religious services. Yet this important type of sign often varies widely. Many congregations rely on signs to relay location information. Others also employ this advertising to inform interested passers by about the dates and times of worship services, the titles of sermons, and/or any special upcoming events.

Diverse Church Signage

One significant aspect of contemporary church signage relates to its impressive diversity. Today, different congregations rely upon a wide array of types of interior and exterior signs.

The size, the design, and the location of a church building often plays an important role in a congregation’s selection of effective signage. Today, churches occur in both highly traditional architectural styles, and in an array of contemporary building designs. The signage needs of well-established church relying upon a stone cathedral with a towering church spire may differ significantly from those of a nondenominational church established inside a busy shopping mall. Most people instantly recognize the former as a house of worship, of course. Yet a new church congregation conducting services inside a primarily commercial venue may need to advertise its location aggressively, simply in order to gain community recognition.

The Utility of Portable Signage

Another important consideration in selecting church signage relates to the use of temporary signage for some special purposes. Frequently, portable signs offer flexibility to newly established congregations. If the site of worship services changes frequently, a mobile sign offers promotional advantages. Similarly, many newly established congregations discover benefits in employing church banners and colorful portable displays frequently.

Today, churches may find it useful to rely upon a combination of permanent and portable signs, in fact. Using both furnishes flexibility. Multiple types of church signage may promote both regular worship services and important special events (such as summer camp activities, church picnics, Sunday schools, and tent revival services).

Multiple Church Signs

Churches also discover benefits in investing in both information signs and signs with vivid symbols and other colorful displays. Some congregations prefer to restrict permanent signage outside a church building to post and pillar bulletin boards, while adding illuminated symbols to frequently used buildings. Preferences vary from one congregation to another.

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