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Retail store customers are more likely to be local residents than tourists. The web development agency Go Gulf found that up to 97% of search engine users were looking for local businesses. This means that retail stores should still be putting just as much effort into their traditional marketing strategy as its digital marketing counterpart. This includes signs, especially for retail stores.

Effective signs for retail stores drive sales once a customer that has Googled that store arrives. Here are several ways how:

Directional Signs

These signs tell a customer where they can find the products they want. Directional signs are especially important for large retail stores that have many products scattered across many different aisles. Customers that cannot find what they need often become frustrated and leave without buying anything.

Hanging Signs

These signs are a great way to announce limited time offers, such as sales, seasonal products, and new products. Large hanging signs in particular can catch a customer’s eye from the moment they enter the store, even when the sign is far away.

These signs also make great directional signs for retail stores. For example, a grocery store can use a hanging sign to inform customers that they are in the Produce Department.

Hours of Operation Signs

Hours of Operation signs for retail stores can recoup a sale if a customer shows up after the store has already closed. The customer can see when the store will be open again and return to make their purchase at a time that works best for them.

Portable Signs

These signs have many different uses in a retail store. They can warn customers that the floor is wet, inform customers outside of the business of a sale, or even organize products by title.

Window Film

Window film can serve several different purposes for retail stores. First, it can promote sales, products, and services to nearby foot traffic. It piques the curiosity of customers that may otherwise have kept on walking.

Second, window film can add to a business’ aesthetic appeal. Some businesses even use window film as a type of holiday decoration. They change the film with the season and the holidays that accompany that season to give off a warm and inviting aura to passersby.

Third, window film can display a business’ contact information. This encourages customers that may not have time to visit the store at that exact moment to come back later.