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Trade show events are a great way to network and advertise. Vendors may set up indoors at convention centers or outdoors at stadiums or street fairs. Wherever a trade show is held, vendors are only as memorable as their branding efforts. Effective trade show setups include specific signage and promotional items that are engaging and thoughtfully placed.

Hanging Signs

Exterior signage lets the public know which vendors will be present at a specific event or convention. Certain venues allow vendors to hang moderately sized banners on the side of the building up to several weeks before an event. Yard signs are an inexpensive way to advertise for an upcoming event.

Directional Signage

Just as yard signs are useful for directing traffic toward a venue, way-finding signage is also a necessary component for inside the trade show venue. Event coordinators may require some level of sponsorship to have a business name displayed on the interior directional signage. Simple posters with a logo and appropriate arrows are enough to guide potential customers toward a specific booth.

Branded Trade Show Booths

Vendors are competing for the attention and connection with attendees. Most visitors browse through trade shows looking for something that catches their eye. Some are looking for an actual good or service they need. However, the most common showstopper for trade show attendees is a promotional item or gimmick.

Trade show booths or tents should be branded from top to bottom. Tents that have branded panel sides and canopies provide a semblance of privacy and invites attendees inside to learn more. Brochures, business cards, rack cards, and other printed items should be readily available for guests. When visitors pile in, they provide enough reading material to keep them interested until it is their turn to speak with an expert.

Tabletop and Retractable Banners

Tabletop banners with appealing graphics can be used to outline services or special offers. These mini banners are an effective way to attract passersby from several feet away and keep their eyes drawn to a particular booth. Retractable banners are full size counterparts to the tabletop and should continue the same theme. Pertinent information printed on these wide format graphics are both eye catching and memorable. Step and repeat backdrops are helpful branding effects for indoor and outdoor use. Three dimensional displays engage visitors and offer a significant return on investment.

Trade show signs will do their part and bring customers into the venue and direct them to the best marketed booths. Branded table covers and giveaway bags are other vital components that should be used in conjunction with trade show signs.