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Vehicle fleet wraps offer an excellent investment for businesses involved in all industries. Any type of business that operates its own fleet of vehicles will find that fleet branding is an excellent way to brand their vehicles. Gaining the benefits of fleet wrapping does require some planning, so it’s important to consider those factors prior to planning to have a fleet of vehicles wrapped.

First, it’s important to consider the type of vehicle to be wrapped. This is because there are many different types of vehicle wraps available. Therefore, business owners need to consider the size as well as the type of vehicle that will be wrapped.

A full vehicle wrap is intended to cover every surface of the vehicle. It should be noted that this type of fleet wrap will hide the original color of the vehicle fully. This actually creates additional design opportunities. Depending on the specific design, the roof of the vehicle may be excluded from the fleet wrap.

Partial vehicle wraps cover only part of the vehicle. This means that a portion of the original vehicle will remain exposed. This should be kept in mind when deciding which type of wrap is the best option for a business owner’s needs. A partial wrap can still provide plenty of impact without the need to cover the entirety of the vehicle.

Vehicle graphics are another option for business owners to consider for their fleet graphics. These types of wraps are also sometimes known as spot graphics. This is because the fleet graphics are cut out in individual designs and then applied to the vehicle. Such graphics are often used for more simple designs, such as the business logo or even contact information.

When designing fleet graphics, business owners should ensure the design they choose adheres to their overall branding. This makes it possible for prospective customers to recognize the business easily, which enhances overall brand awareness. Readability is also crucial when designing fleet graphics for vehicle wraps. Factors such as contrasting colors, type, and font size should all be considered when designing a successful fleet graphic.

Vehicles should be prepared carefully prior to a graphic being installed. This means washing the vehicle and ensuring it is completely free of mud, dust, oil, and any other debris. If anything is left on the vehicle, it could cause the vinyl to not adhere to the surface of the vehicle properly. While washing the vehicle prior to application of a graphic is important, it should be noted that the vehicle should not be waxed. This could also cause problems with the vinyl adhering properly.