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Creating a 21st century footprint doesn’t stop with a website. Boosting or creating signage to increase the awareness of your business is just as important today as when captains of industry didn’t have to monitor a social media footprint. To keep the business in the public eye, define the physical footprint with quality signage.

Bold and Well-Lit

To make the business more visible, consider adding corporate signage to the facility. A quality sign at the street that includes an LED panel means that the business message can constantly be changing to demonstrate

  • expansion,
  • expertise, and
  • stability

When businesses are closing around the world due to health crises and economic pressures, your business still has the lights on from the sidewalk to the back parking lot.

Continue the Message

Once the logo is part of our software, the signage options can be expanded from the front door to the lobby and beyond. Put a sign at the reception desk to draw the eye and bring customers to The Director of First Impressions.

Directory signs that indicate what departments on are which floors can be added to multiple spaces once clients are brought further into the building. While the ambiance may grow more intense, quality signage will indicate quality work and great employee engagement.

Internal Pride, External Results

Not only can James River Signs create strong visibility for the business from the street, but options including directory signs and elevator graphics can be used to boost the focus on confidence of both employees and clients. If there’s just one floor, consider incorporating a wall mural containing both the logo and some text and images on the history of the business. The story deserves telling, and the professionals at James River can make it memorable.

Banners in the Community

Not only can James River Signs increase visibility within the facility, but your business can enjoy increased visibility in the community. If someone on the team has a charity or a cause that is dear, why not invest in banners that will travel with the team as the business provides water for a charity walk or pizza for a volunteer event?

Current world events have left many people reeling, trying to determine what they can still depend on. With the right signage, your business can be shown to be both visible and vibrant.