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Commercial real estate signs need to gain attention and quickly. Such signs can be used for a variety of purposes including filling property vacancies. This is where commercial property signs can help. In order to get the job done, commercial property signs require proper design.

Property owners and managers should take a few factors into consideration when designing commercial real estate signs. First, consider the weather. Commercial real estate signs should capably withstand all seasons including sun, rain, and other forms of precipitation.

Second, consider placement of the signs. Commercial real estate signs should be positioned near the street to maximize visibility. In some cases; however, there are restrictions regarding the placement of signs near the street. When this is the case, boldness and size are crucial for signs. Passerby should be able to easily see the sign whether they are driving or walking past. All pertinent information should be as bold and big as possible.

Additionally, consider the different types of signs available for commercial real estate signage. Post and panel signs are among the most classic options available, but there are also other options, such as hanging signs. A hanging sign will naturally attract attention of passerby as it sways in the breeze. Banners are also a good option in many situations. The advantage of a banner is that it can be easily retracted for storage. Flags also help to draw attention, but may not be the best choice for inclement weather. Beyond the design of the sign, the type of material used in the construction of the sign should be considered. Material options for panel signs include MDO and aluminum composite.

Finally, it is important to consider the best way to protect commercial real estate signage. Anti-graffiti coatings are an option for commercial real estate signs. Not only can such coatings help commercial property owners and managers save money, but they can also ensure the wrong message is not transmitted to prospective tenants. The presence of graffiti on signs advertising properties for lease can quickly translate to prospective tenants that the neighborhood is besieged by vandalism and crime. This is certainly not the message a property owner or manager wants to communicate. Anti-graffiti coatings for signs allow spray paint and even permanent marker to be removed quickly and easily. Once a vandal realizes that his or her message will be removed quickly, they will be more likely to move on to another location.

Commercial real estate signs offer innumerable advantages, given the correct design considerations.