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In designing signs for schools, it’s important to keep the specific goal of the sign in mind. Depending on the placement of the signage, school signs can delivery many uses, including:

• Conveying information
• Beautifying the space
• Acting as a learning tool
• Providing directions
• Boosting creativity
• Promoting the school
• Offering health and safety warnings
• Encouraging students

While every school is different, there is a good chance that at least some of these purposes apply to most institutions. When it comes to design for school signage, it’s important to give due consideration to the aesthetic and the layout of the school. Various aspects such as use of space, color, and even light all play an important role in creating school signs.

Until the last few years, school signs were often left as an afterthought. As a result, signs were often positioned on school campuses in an uncoordinated manner. This typically resulted in a chaotic look that actually detracted from the aesthetics of the campus.

Ideally, school signage should play an important role from the beginning of the planning and overall design process of the school. Not only should school signs serve regulatory and way-finding purposes but should also serve to reinforce the goals of the campus.

At a minimum, schools require a sign that will clearly establish the identity of the campus. This sign should be located on a monument sign or on the side of the building. There should be one sign for each side of the campus facing a road or street. Additionally, schools should consider an informational signs. For schools with small budgets, this could be as simple as a changeable letter board, while schools with greater budgetary resources may wish to consider an electronic sign. Both types of signs allow schools to announce important information, such as upcoming events, including meetings and athletic games.

To deliver the most effective solutions, most schools will usually require a variety of different types of signs. This is because most schools, regardless of size, encompass multifaceted environments. Consequently, schools may require outdoor signs as well as indoor signs. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure selection of the right product.

Monument signs are the ideal choice to identify the school’s presence in a community. These signs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically highly customizable. The goal of this type of school is to highlight the school’s colors and possibly even the school mascot with graphic. When designed correctly, a monument sign is a beautiful and effective way to display school pride.