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What Are the Benefits of Channel Letter Signs?
Channel letter signs are one of the most effective ways to attract customers. These signs are often one of the most important investments a business can make on the exterior of its building. Here are some of the top benefits of using channel letter signs.

1). They Heighten Visibility
Because of the three dimensional nature of channel letter signs, they stand out compared to a flat panel signs or other types of signs. These channel letter signs are more likely to be seen from a long-distance away. Also, these signs will stand out among other businesses.

2). They Can Save On Energy Costs
Channel Letter Signs can be lit with low-cost LED lighting. This makes the channel letter signs much more cost-efficient than neon signs. Over time, that cost savings can become significant over the life of the sign.

3). They Can Boost a Business’s Brand
If a business wants to be taken seriously, then they need to have a sign that looks professional and well-made. A channel letter sign is used by most nationwide stores and brands. Therefore a small or a local business can look larger than its size by using channel letter signs for its business.

4). They Last a Long Time
Painted signs and other types of signs can fade after a few years. Channel letter signs, on the other hand, can last a much longer time. This allows companies to save on their signage cost. Also, channel letter signs will not fade. Therefore, they will continue to look good in front of a business for a long time.

5). Flexible Design
With channel letter signs, a business has many options on what font, color, size, and position that they want the sign to be. The letters can be also be accompanied by a logo or a tagline. In fact, the only real limitation to a channel letter sign is the local zoning laws or a landlord’s specifications.

6). Different Illumination Options
Channel letter signs can be illuminated in several different ways to maximize visibility. A channel letter sign can be lit from the front, it can be lit from the back or the letters can be lit in an “open face” format. There is also an option to have all three lighting designs available for one sign.

Getting the Most From Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs can be transformative for a business. These signs are brights, easy to see and can enhance the brand of a business.