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The Benefits of Directory Signs For Businesses
Directory signs offer a number of benefits for certain types of business. From law offices to medical offices to large companies, directory signs can be a welcome addition to any property. Here are the top benefits of a directory sign.

1). Makes it convenient for the customer
When a customer walks into a business for the first time, he may not know where to go. A directory sign will be able to point to the different areas of the business to make it easy for a customer to get to their destination. This also saves a business the inconvenience of having an employee dedicated to dealing with customer traffic flow. Directory signs can present its information in a really simple way to ensure that the customer will find out where he needs to go right away.

2). Can Help Promote A Business
Directory signs are not only functional, but they can also be promotional. A directory sign can be designed with a company’s branding, logo, slogan or other information that can promote the business. This can allow the directory sign to be more congruent with the other signage and branding around the building or the office.

3). Add Professionalism to the Business
A law firm, medical office, or business that wants to attract certain clients or customers will want to have a professional look through their office. A directory sign is typically associated with professional businesses. For company’s that want to heighten their brand, a directory sign is an ideal signage.

Types of Directory Signs
There are five main types of directory signs that a company can use to help assist with the flow of traffic around their offices. Here’s a quick look at each type of directory signage:

1). Directional Signs
These signs will give a specific direction to a set of offices or rooms. These signs are common in hotels, hospitals, businesses or offices that have multiple hallways and many rooms.

2). Floor Directories
A floor directory is found in the lobby of a floor of an office. These directories help customers find the right office or room inside of a building.

3). Building Directories
The building directory is found in the lobby of an office building. This sign will list all the offices or rooms in a specific building.

4). Overhead Signs
Overhead signs are directional signs that hang overhead. These signs are common in supermarkets and are more visible than wall-mounted directory signs.

5). Accessible Directional Signs
These signs are designed to assist those with mobility or sight issues.

The Many Benefits of Directory Signs
Overall, directory signs make it easy for customers to find their way around a building. Also, directory signs are an excellent way to add a sense of professionalism to a company.