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Portable Signs
Businesses want customers and suppliers to be able to locate them easily, so they usually place a professionally-designed sign on the front of their building. The sign will include the name of the business, possibly a business logo or slogan, and numbers to indicate the street address. For certain business needs, a portable sign is easier and more effective to use than an attached sign.

Portable signs come in a variety of shapes, styles and designs. One thing they have in common is that they are not intended to be attached to a permanent structure. Some popular designs for portable signs are:

  • A-frame signs
  • Whiteboard signs
  • Chalkboard signs
  • Yard signs
  • Vinyl banners

Businesses and Organizations that Might Use Portable Signs

Shopping Malls

An outlet store in a shopping mall might set up an outdoor selling area in good weather. Gardening shops often use this kind of display, and portable signs in strategic places can point customers in the right direction.

Holidays are a prime time for special displays and temporary sales. A large A-frame, white board, or chalk board sign can help customers locate the sale area easily and quickly.

Construction Companies

Road work can obstruct traffic and make people late for work. A well-placed rectangular, square, or any-shaped sign mounted in a sturdy sign base can alert drivers of a construction area ahead so they can change their route. These signs can be quickly and easily moved as the area under construction changes.

Hospitals and Medical Complexes

Emergency Room entrances and Same-Day Surgery locations need to be quickly accessible. Time is of the essence when a medical emergency arises. Portable signs in several choice locations can guide patients quickly and efficiently to the medical help they need.

Parking lots at hospitals fill up quickly, and portable signs can direct traffic to the parking areas that still have available spaces. Other signs can guide drivers to covered parking lots and alternate exit areas.


Daily Menus and House Specials can be listed on a portable sign outside the restaurant, even near the roadside to attract customers to come in.

A full display of main menu options and prices can be outlined for waiting customers to review saving time looking at menus before ordering.

Polling Places

Local and national elections can be challenging to citizens trying to find the right place to park and get in line. Portable signs appropriately placed can make voting on election day much faster and easier.

Portable signs are well worth the investment to the business and its customers.