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Creativity can make a business stand out from all others. What better way can there be to show creativity than an indoor or outdoor wall mural to capture the attention of current and potential customers?

Outdoor signs can provide needed information in a variety of formats from a white letter board sign to a lighted electronic sign. Vehicle graphics can carry the company’s message to a wide geographical area. Poster signs can announce a business at trade shows and conventions.

The most striking way to inject excitement and create a memorable message may be with a unique, artistically designed wall mural.

A quick inspection of a business’s surrounding area may reveal that an outside brick wall is in full view of on-coming traffic. A carefully designed wall mural capturing the substance and spirit of the company can draw attention and bring people in for a closer look.

How Businesses Use Wall Murals –

Display the History of the Company or Community

A bank could provide an artistic display for customers by adding a wall mural behind the front counter showing historical sites from bygone years. Did the community have its bank and post office inside the general store in the early 1900s? Could a reproduction of a photo of the country doctor’s office from a previous century be a conversation starter?

A fast-food or dine-in restaurant might use one blank wall as a canvas to display images of buildings that housed the restaurant throughout its history. Visual reproductions of signs and artifacts from the restaurant’s past could be scattered about the collage in matching colors and styles.

Showcase the Company’s Spirit, Character, or Uniqueness

Suppose a Greek restaurant wants to display Greek culture or a history of Greek cuisine. An artistically designed wall mural could add to the cultural atmosphere enjoyed by patrons. Such a mural on an outside wall would invite customers. A similar inside mural would make for a more memorable dining experience.

A daycare or preschool center might choose bright colors and pictures of toys or playground equipment on an outside wall to help toddlers and small children get excited about enrolling in the program. Just inside the building, a wall mural of fairy tale characters could continue to fascinate young minds about spending time in this fun place.

Hospitals might use strategically-placed murals in soothing colors to help create a more relaxed, uplifting atmosphere.

Government buildings could add inside wall murals highlighting famous inventors or architects. Public libraries might delight patrons with murals about classic volumes and famous authors.

There is just no end to the ways businesses and companies can use indoor or outdoor murals.