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What Are the Different Types of Window Graphics?
Window graphics can go a long way in promoting a business. There are many different types of window graphics that offer their own unique benefits. Here’s a look at the most common types of window graphics that are currently available.

1). Transparent Graphics
Transparent graphics are see-through. This allows customers to not only read the sign but see the activity inside of the store. These window signs can be printed out and applied to the window. The only part of the print that is visible to the customer is the colored part. The rest of the graphic is blended into the window itself.

2). Perforated graphics
With perforated graphics, a customer can see the sign. However, the sign does not allow customers to see inside of the store. This type of window sign is ideal for businesses that want to have some privacy. However, the signage does have small holes to allow those that are inside of the store to see out.

3). Opaque Signs
An Opaque sign is designed so that people can not see inside of the store. Additionally, those inside the store will not be able to see outside of the store.

Window Graphics Styles
There are two types of window graphic styles available. Each of these styles provides its own unique benefit. Here is a look at what each window graphic style has to offer.

1). Vinyl Lettering
With vinyl lettering, the letters are cut out and applied to the window. This type of window graphic allows customers to see the message will allowing top visibility into and out of the window. Some applications for vinyl lettering include use in promotions, the announcement of store hours and listing the company’s address or phone number.

2). Full Cover Graphics
Full cover graphics are intended to be seen from far away and be attention grabbers. These graphics tend to take up and entire window or multiple windows.

Getting the Right Visibility with Window Graphics
Window graphics presents a unique way for a business to promote themselves using the high visibility real estate of a store front’s windows. A business can attract business and build their brand with the right window graphics sign.