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A logo is a fast way to identify a brand. With the perfect logo, marketing and advertising have to do less heavy lifting. For instance, many Nike ads don’t even have the word “Nike” in it. Instead, the iconic “Swoosh” logo is the only identifier. The same is true with the famous Apple logo. Here are six steps to creating the ideal logo.

1). Use a Simple Visual
A good logo should have one or two shapes at the most. A logo design with many images and lots of detail should be avoided. A good test is to see if the logo can be easily identified from a long-distance away.

2). A Good Logo Reflects the Name of the Business
The logo should be able to communicate what the company represents or what it does. For instance, if the company is known for fast service, then the logo designer should explore visuals that communicate speed such as a bolt of lighting or a wing.

3). Be Careful With Colors
Colors are an important part of a logo. For instance, if the company wants to convey excitement, then the color red or yellow should be explored. If the company wants to communicate confidence, then a calming color such as blue should be looked at. Finally, a company that wants to convey speed or accessibility should look at the color green.

4). Use a Readable Font
One of the biggest mistakes that novice designers make is using unreadable type fonts. Fancy fonts should be avoided if the company wants to ensure that the name of the business that can be read from far away. Logo designers should be cautious about using a script or cursive font.

5). Simplify the Logo As it is Being Developed
When the graphic designer is creating the logo, he should look for ways to make the logo simpler. This will ensure that the logo can be seen and understood from a great distance.

6). Mock Up the Logo in Various Places
The logo should be able to work on a business card as well as the side of a building. The graphic designer should mock up the logo in all the places where the logo will appear. This will help to determine if the logo will be able to work properly.

Getting the Right Logo
Yes, it is possible to create a good logo for any brand. With a good log, a brand can transform the way it is perceived in the marketplace.