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A business is incomplete without a sign to show what it’s all about. Though not always considered necessary, it plays a significant role in business. Coming up with a perfect sign can be a challenging task that needs full commitment to avoid making a sub-standard sign.
Most of the time, a sign may contain mistakes that only a professional can point out. Some of these mistakes are common and can be avoided to build a quality sign. Following are the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a business sign :

1. Colors that Don’t Contrast and Clash

A sign should have colors that contrast each other without clashing allowing the words to stand out from the surface. It’s important to use complementary colors to create an attractive appearance making it appealing to viewers.

2. Inadequate Spacing

Always ensure that there is enough space for the wording on the sign to avoid crowding. A well-spaced sign is crucial as it allows a smooth transition and easy readability.

3. Illegible Font

Font choice should be legible. Use a font that is readable to avoid people just passing the sign by, which may put off most clients. Print fonts are the best as they are the easiest to read.

4. Sophisticated Art and Design

Most often, signs have complicated designs that keep clients guessing what it’s intended for. Thus it is essential for a logo to remain simple and straightforward to convey the message. There is a difference between a symbol and an image, meaning they can’t have similar roles on a sign.

5. Improper Installation

Hiring an expert to install the sign goes a long way in ensuring that your sign stays where it is supposed to for the long haul.

6. Wrong Material

Choosing the right material means a sign will last longer without replacement. Avoid cheap materials since they need constant replacement when the letters get worn out or look old. Having the right quality of letters put on an inferior surface will be costly.

7. Poor Font Size

Always ensure that the letters are of the right font size, leaving some space along the edges. It will ensure that the letters fit nicely on the designated surface without difficulty.

8. Poor Location

It’s crucial to find a suitable location where a sign can be well displayed and visible. The area must be free from any blockage for better viewing by potential clients.