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Interior and Exterior Wayfinding Signs For Businesses
Without the proper guidance, new customers and visitors may feel unsure about finding a specific business’s location or navigating around the premises once they are inside. Professionally made wayfinding signs address this issue by helping visitors find their way outside and inside the building while representing the business via brand images, colors and textures. Creative wayfinding signs can also complement the interior design.

Interior and exterior signage share some similarities – they should be appealing, visible and provide helpful information to the readers. However, their design, build quality and objectives differ slightly.

Exterior Wayfinding Signs

Exterior wayfinding signs guide people outside the business premises. They come in multiple forms, including:


Common in business parks and shopping complexes, pylons are big exterior signs that list the names of companies within the area. Their sheer size make them hard to miss, and visitors can always rely on them to find the location of a specific business within the business park or shopping complex.

Digital Signs

Digital signs are very versatile and particularly useful for sharing dynamic information with passers-by, e.g., limited time offers, special announcements and directions.


Businesses typically attach banners to buildings featuring their brand identities, such as names, logos and colors. Banners also mention the building’s occupants.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are a type of freestanding signage typically made of wood or masonry. It serves as a beacon, announcing a business’s presence in the area while also providing directions through arrows that point visitors in the right direction.


Maps are symbolic two-dimensional representations of a place and arguably the ultimate wayfinding signs. They help visitors determine the best routes to take and highlight the relationship between different objects, buildings and roads within a specified area.

Interior Wayfinding Signs

Interior wayfinding signs show visitors how to identify places, where to go and the expected etiquette inside the building. Some common interior wayfinding signs include:

Directory Signs

Most commercial buildings place directories near hard to miss areas like the front lobby, stairs or elevators. Directory signs list a building’s occupants along with their floor numbers, room numbers and phone numbers.

Instructional Signs

Instructional signs inform visitors of the expected etiquette within the building. For example, they may tell visitors to wear a mask, keep off certain rooms, and not spit or smoke inside the building.

Room Plaques

These are small plaques placed at the door to let visitors know they are in the right place. Both permanent and digital room plaques mention the room number and occupant’s name, but the latter allows for updates regarding the room’s occupant or use.

Floor Markers

These signs mention the floor number to help visitors figure out their location within the building.

Main Takeaway

Visitors need good directions to find a business and move freely within the building once they find it. Strategically placed interior and exterior wayfinding signs put visitors at ease and guide them through foreign spaces.