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Why Businesses Should Use Flag Signs For Advertising
Amidst the digital marketing frenzy, traditional forms of marketing continue to receive less attention, especially from newer businesses. However, businesses cannot ignore conventional marketing modes entirely less they risk leaving money on the table. Flag signs are one such form of conventional marketing that businesses use for promotional events due to their high visibility, affordability and effectiveness.

Businesses looking to run promotional events or simply spread awareness about their brand should have flag signs up on their list of promotional tools. It is no coincidence that these portable signs are particularly popular with event holders, restaurants, fitness centers, retailers and auto dealers. Here are some reasons why businesses should consider using this highly underrated type of signage in their marketing campaigns.

Flag Signs Can Be Promotional and Directional

With typical outdoor signs, businesses tend to spend more time and money on permanent signage that serves a single purpose – wayfinding, informative, promotional and more. Flag signs are highly portable, and business owners can move them on the fly to meet changing needs. Businesses can use flag signs to promote themselves at different locations, whether at a corporate event or in a huge business park.

Also, flag signs are modular in design, allowing business owners to change their signs’ messaging as frequently as they wish. For instance, if potential customers keep getting lost at an event, business owners can change the messaging from promotional to directional.

Fluttering Flags Are Attention-Grabbing

It is a proven fact that moving objects capture our attention better than stationary objects. Flag signs are made of lightweight materials such as polyester and nylon, making them flutter easily even in the slightest of winds. Flag signs are essentially in perpetual motion and quite effective at capturing the attention of passers-by.

However, excessive movement can sometimes make a flag sign difficult to read. Keep the messaging concise to ensure the sign is always readable.

Impressive Durability

Modern flag signs are made of tough, high-quality fabrics that can withstand adverse weather conditions including rain, snow and direct sunlight. This durability makes them a perfect outdoor sign for businesses regardless of their climate.

Endless Design Options

With virtually endless design options, flag signs are very customizable. A bit of creativity can go a long way in designing flag signs with stunning imagery, catchy slogans and attractive graphics that lure potential clients.

Easy to Set Up

The time it takes to set up a flag sign depends on its base, but it should generally take only a few minutes. Unless using a weighted base, flag signs are very light and transporting many flags at once is never a struggle.


Despite the massive shift to online advertising, flag signs are still a timeless investment. With the right designs, businesses can create custom flag signs to promote their offers over multiple marketing campaigns.