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5 Effective Temporary Signs For Businesses
Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and many more holidays are valid reasons for businesses to develop temporary signs that resonate with potential customers and help them stay relevant. Eye-catching signs are an effective way for businesses to spruce up their marketing campaigns and announce the commencement of corporate events, giveaways, contests and holiday sales. Temporary signs perfectly embody the phrase “time is of the essence” since everything from the launch to how long the sign stays up needs impeccable timing.

Unlike permanent signs, business owners do not affix temporary signs indefinitely and only use them to provide information about time-limited events. Temporary signs are typically inexpensive, simple, easy to set up and take down and capable of serving multiple purposes, including announcement, promotion and advertisement. Here are five temporary signs businesses can use to promote their time-limited offers and make announcements.


Typically made of flexible yet durable materials, banners are effective signs that businesses can use during promotions, to provide information or attract visitors to an event. They come in different forms, and business owners can choose to place them indoors or outdoors depending on the banners’ materials.

Window Clings

Window clings are printed pieces of attractive graphics and text that business owners can stick on windows to entice or engage passers-by. The beauty of window clings is that businesses can install and reposition them repeatedly as long as they match the prevailing season. This, coupled with the relatively inexpensive cost of creating them, make window clings an effective yet affordable way of advertising upcoming events and offers.

Large format printing makes it possible to create window clings of virtually any size. Business owners can place window clings on store windows, vehicles and even at event venues.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Signs

Although hardly talked about, POP signs could single-handedly drive a company’s conversions. By placing these signs at points of purchase, business owners can spark interest in a product, service or event that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. POP signs work best when promoting limited-time offers and seasonal products.

Event Posters

Event posters are by far the cheapest temporary sign option available. They are easy to set up and take down, and business owners can preserve them as souvenirs of a successful event. Although creating them is also a breeze, it is advisable to use a professional designer for the best results.

Flag Signs

Flag signs are more durable than paper posters and arguably the quintessential outdoor temporary sign. Thanks to high-quality materials, modern flag signs are tough and can endure the elements. Businesses can use them repeatedly as maintenance is almost unnecessary and cleaning is as simple as wiping off stains with a wet cloth.

Choose Temporary Signage That Works

Temporary signs are inexpensive and devoid of unsightly holes, electric cables and wall installations. Businesses should adopt temporary signs to capitalize on their flexibility and seasonality.