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Why Businesses Should Consider Projecting Signs

Businesses and signage experts have revered projecting signs as an essential marketing tool for many years and with plenty of good reason. Often synonymous with high profile businesses, projecting signs provide ample “sign real estate,” which perhaps explains their history of effectiveness. Thanks to modern technology and materials, this vastly superior form of signage has transformed tremendously and become more widespread than ever.

What Is a Projecting Sign?

Typically double-sided, a projecting sign is a form of signage that extends outwards from a post or building rather than directly clinging to it. A common example of a projecting sign is the traditional pub sign that protrudes from the side of the building.

What Are The Advantages Of Projecting Signs?

Stellar Legibility

Projecting signs are very easy to read due to their average size and position. Most passers-by notice signs as they move towards them rather than when standing beside or beneath them.

Business owners who place signs flat against walls risk missing out on potential customers who could not read them due to visible distortion from their viewing angles. Words on a perpendicular projecting sign are less prone to distortion since all the letters remain at a similar distance from the eye, making everything appear uniformly sized.

Long Distance Visibility

Depending on the viewer’s angle or distance, a flat sign’s messaging can be hardly visible or worse yet, the sign itself may completely disappear from the line of sight. Such signs might put businesses looking for customers on the high street at a significant disadvantage.

Projecting signs have phenomenal viewing distances thanks to the raised elevation and protrusion. Businesses can capitalize on these advantages further by using extra-large text and graphics on their signs.

Double-Sided Signage

Since projecting signs are visible from two sides, brands can represent themselves twice. The ROIs of well-designed projecting signs are astronomical for this particular reason. Potential customers can view a projecting sign from either direction and even look back for a second glance after moving past the business’s location.

Night Visibility

Projecting signs are a godsend for businesses that make the bulk of their revenue during the night, e.g., pubs and nightclubs. Also, businesses that operate during standard hours might find projecting signs useful during winter when the sky gets dark mid-day or at night as a perpetually running advertisement long after business hours.

Final Thoughts

Projecting signs have rightfully established their reputation as effective marketing tools. Businesses can capitalize on their effectiveness by incorporating modern designs, materials and illumination technology.