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How To Entice Diners with Outdoor Restaurant Signs

The restaurant industry is cutthroat with new competitors cropping up every day and razor-thin profit margins. Although restaurants use numerous tactics to stay ahead of the game, not many techniques are as effective and affordable as outdoor advertising. Restaurants that use effective outdoor advertising to attract customers before any food is within sight or smell are far more successful than their non-advertising counterparts.

Tips for Effective Outdoor Restaurant Signage

Visibility Matters

Outdoor restaurant signs should remain visible all the time. Here are some best practices to consider when choosing the most visible outdoor signs.

Bigger is Better

Larger outdoor signs grab more attention and are easier to spot by passers-by. Restaurants in popular tourist destinations should consider investing in roadside signs, billboards and car-top signs to attract hungry travelers. Including easy-to-understand directions on such signs can help visitors find their way to the restaurant.

Use Animation

Dynamic messages command more attention than static images. Using programmable dynamic message signs that blink, flash or display scrolling messages may yield far better results than using a regular stationary sign.

Advertise 24/7

Advertising does not stop when it gets dark. Restaurants should consider investing in LED signs that perpetually advertise their services long after business hours. LED signs are brighter than traditional neon signs, visible in direct sunlight and require half as much energy to work.

Display Concise Text

Excessively wordy signs are a bother, especially for hungry potential customers on the go. Adhere to the following tips when crafting messages for outdoor signs.

Use Fewer Words

On average, people read outdoor signs in six seconds or less. Using ten words at most should keep the sign brief without compromising its attention-grabbing abilities.

Tap into the Power of Nostalgia

Sentimental texts speak louder than popular texts. A restaurant that claims to be in operation since 1970 stands out more than a restaurant promoting slightly subsidized burgers.

Humor the Readers

Laughter is the best medicine. People are more likely to return the favor for a well-timed joke by grabbing a meal. However, this approach requires some assessment of the crowd’s sense of humor.

Include Brand Elements

Choosing a few recognizable business elements, and including them in signage helps promote the brand. Display company logos, color schemes and slogans on menus, windows, banners and outdoor umbrellas.

Use an Outdoor Menu

Conveniently placing an easy-to-read freestanding menu outside the restaurant helps to welcome potential customers. If displaying a full menu is not possible, promote special daily offers to capitalize on the readers’ impulsivity.

Final Thoughts

Bringing diners into the establishment is among the biggest issues restaurants face. While it is necessary to use digital advertising methods like online ads and social media, restaurant owners should not underestimate the power of traditional outdoor advertising.