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Hanging Signs: Why Seasoned Exhibitors Use Them at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a golden opportunity for businesses to promote themselves, showcase their products and acquire new leads. However, trade shows are typically cram-full of companies competing for a limited pool of attendees. While businesses can beautify their booths and garner quite a decent following, they may lose valuable leads to other businesses if their booth is not visible from afar.

What Are Hanging Signs?

A hanging sign is a type of signage that advertisers suspend from a ceiling or across a wall to enhance their messages’ visibility drastically. Hanging signs are an invaluable tool for businesses looking to make the most of their reserved exhibition space while adding to their show booths’ visual appeal.

Why Should Companies Use Hanging Signs at Trade Shows?

A Beacon for Prospective Clients

No matter how spectacular, a booth is just one more addition to the already numerous booths within the trade show’s venue. Competitive companies know the importance of facilitating the attendees’ business searching process. A big, beautiful hanging sign is in more ways than one similar to a beacon in the vast ocean. People are more likely to notice the hanging sign above a booth and find their way to it easily.

Brand Exposure

Hanging signs amplify a company’s chances of reaching new customers at a live event to the umpteenth level. Whether printed or electrical, a visually stunning hanging sign placed above a company’s booth will speak volumes. Attendees are also likely to mark a few distinctive hanging signs as they walk around the venue, further reinforcing their brand image.

Expand Vertically

As mentioned earlier, hanging signs enable businesses to make the most of their reserved space. By placing hanging signs above the booth, businesses can still convey their messages and promote their brands even if the floor space is limited.


Hanging signs are inexpensive to produce and less prone to wear and tear since they remain suspended in the air most of the time. This significantly lengthens the lifespan of an average hanging sign and makes it an excellent long-term investment. Advertisers can also safely clean modern textile hanging signs in washing machines thanks to their sublimation printing.

Easy to Install, Transport and Store

Owing to their foldability, hanging signs are easy to transport and store for future shows. Modern hanging signs use modular, lightweight aluminum structures that are easy to set up and can fit in relatively small storage cases, further reducing logistics costs.

Final Thoughts

Hanging signs are very visible, affordable and attractive. Businesses can instantly become more noticeable at trade shows by using the right hanging signs.