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Why Are Modern Businesses Switching to Lighted Signs?
Lighted signs are quickly becoming a distinct feature of most urban areas. Colorful and bright, lighted signs are hard to miss and very attention-grabbing, particularly in the evening or at night. There is no shortage of options to choose from in the world of lighted signs, with some creative businesses even opting to combine regular printed signs with modern LED signs.

Lighted signs are a crucial investment in today’s business environment and arguably a precursor to success in some industries. Modern businesses are beginning to realize the importance of lighted signage, hence the massive shift we are witnessing.

Why Modern Businesses Use Lighted Signage

24/7 Visibility

Advertising does not stop when a business closes up shop. Companies that are yet to invest in lighted signage may be leaving ridiculous sums of money on the table. Highly visible lighted signs are among the few marketing strategies that may advertise a business and its offerings around the clock. Diligent business owners know that exposure past normal business hours still counts and could perhaps be the edge they need to attract more customers than their competitors.

Time-of-Day Specials

Traffic in most densely populated areas changes by the hour, and so should the content being advertised. Lighted signs are versatile, thanks to their programmability. Businesses can change their lights’ messaging as much as they wish, essentially making time work for them. For instance, restaurants can promote different specials depending on the time of day. Roadside sellers can adapt their content to target commuters during the morning rush hour and tourists during the day.

Low Maintenance

Modern manufacturers build lighted signs with durable yet aesthetic materials designed to endure years of advertising and exposure to different weather conditions. With a life expectancy of roughly 50,000 hours, an average LED bulb can work for five years straight before it is due for replacement.

Encourage Impulse Purchases

Strategically placed lighted signs give otherwise uninterested customers a reason to stop by. Businesses with serious space constraints can even put up small, indoor-lighted signs to spur interest and engagement in specific products. Outdoor-lighted signs are perfect for announcing offers and discounts to passers-by and encouraging impulse purchases.

Brand Representation

Any veteran entrepreneur knows that business is not only about dollars. Personal connections are fundamental to establishing fruitful long-term relationships. Outdoor LED signs are excellent for companies looking to “sell themselves.” Short illustrations of a company’s values and customer-centric attitude can create a positive public outlook, consequently attracting new customers.

Final Thoughts

Digital signs are the cornerstone of modern brick-and-mortar advertising. Unlike traditional printed signs, businesses can reuse lighted signs and display multiple messages, resulting in positive returns on investment over years of advertising.