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Many businesses are devising new market strategies to be able to reach out to a broad market base. Designing pole signs is one of the oldest types of marketing strategies used by businesses. Pole signs are commonly referred to as pylon signs. Pole signs are customized business signs whose cabinets are mounted and welded on poles with ranging heights of between 20 and 80 feet. Having a well-designed pole sign will help exude some level of class for your business.

Types of pole signs

Post and panel signs- this type of post sign has various applications and can be used for different marketing strategies. They are made out of light materials that are used to display details pertaining to your business. It can be fitted with multicolor combinations and used for either single or multi-tenant buildings. They are efficient for displaying business details of one business at a time. They can also be lit to display well into the night.

Pole banners and Pylon Signs– pole banners can serve a business all year round with minimal maintenance. With the right branding on the banner, people will quickly identify the company during events and occasions. Pylon signs are designed with single cabinets that are fitted at the top of poles or between tall poles. This type is mainly used for giving directions on the location of the business.

Digital display– these are the modern versions of pole signs that employ technology with traditional pole sign marketing strategy. Digital displays are usually placed at strategic positions outside the business displaying general information about the business. With a modern and updated look, customers can identify with the business’s brand.

Digital display signs have limited applications when it comes to disseminating information. They are specifically designed to attract potential customers’ attention while displaying business information consisting of offers, updates, and directions.

Reader Boards is the foundation upon which pole signs have evolved into the modern designs we are currently seeing in the market. These traditional signs are efficient when displaying business information about different businesses within a commercial space.
Reader boards work similarly to post-panel signs providing directions on the business’ location. The panels have removable plaques that can be removed and information changed as per the business. This is the most widely used type of post sign.

When looking to market your business so passersby and other potential customers can view your business, post signs are the most effective strategy—research on various professionals who can design an elaborate design customized to your company for best results.