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Construction site safety signs are used to display and pass apparent safety and health information. Failure to know and understand the perfect meaning of a safety and health sign in a construction site might mean losing your job or life as well. This article will talk about various types of construction safety signs.
Prohibition Sign
At the entrance of almost each construction site, this type of sign is typically seen. It is the first type of sign one might be familiar with when approaching the construction site. Although it might be identified as a red danger sign, unauthorized personnel is prohibited from accessing the site. It would be best if one stopped right there. They have a red circle with a crossbar on a white background with black text.
Obligatory Signs
They’re the opposite of the prohibition sign. Therefore, instead of instructing one not to perform something, they command them on what to do. They advise on what action is supposed to be obeyed. For instance, it is mandatory to wear safety helmets before entering the site. They’re represented by a blue circle with a white text or/and symbol.
Caution Signs
These signs do not instruct on what to do, but they’re displayed to indicate a hazard or danger and be careful. It is mostly the first sign to be seen with the texts “Danger Construction Site” or “Warning Construction Site.” They have a yellow pointing-up triangle surrounded by a black margin with a black symbol or text.
Safe Condition Signs
They’re directly opposite to warning signs. They act as an alternative; they alert someone to a safe place, not cautioning about a hazard. They help to know where one can find fire exits, where to report to, and where the first aid kit is located. They have a green square with a white text or symbol.
Fire Tools Sign
These signs help one to know where the fire apparatus is. Though they tend to be similar to prohibition signs, they’re enclosed in a red-color rectangle. On the construction site, they’re mainly suited where the fire extinguishers are located. They have white text or/and symbols.
Construction site safety signs are not erected for decoration purposes; every color has a meaning and portrays different information. Understanding the meaning of safety and health construction site signs is essential because they could warn about the danger to avoid hurt or death.