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Signs serve as a creative way to attract clients, advertise legal services, and increase exposure in an increasingly competitive legal market. A sign on the outside of your law office that reads “Law Office” or “Attorneys at Law” can help make it clear to potential clients what a law firm does. Signs in a law office offer clear advertising for a business, and they let current prospective clients know that they are in the right place.

Using Signs to Increase Clients

One role of a lawyer is to rule in court for their clients, and one of the most important things they need to do is raise awareness for and of their practice. Having signs posted outside and inside a legal office can increase the number of clients that come through the front door. There are many types of lawyers who specialize in a specific area, and one wants to ensure that he or she attracts the right type of clients.

Lawyers must post a sign listing their specialty so that people who are looking for an attorney with a specific set of skills know who they are dealing with. A divorce lawyer may post a sign that reads “Divorce Lawyer” or “Mediation” as an advertisement in the front window and around town. A criminal defense attorney can attract clients with signs that say “Criminal Law” or “Defense Attorney.” Not only do signs help to connect attorneys to prospective clients, but they also prevent people who are in search of a different type of lawyer from wasting their time.

Using Signs to Validate Authenticity

The American Bar Association (ABA) suggests that all types of lawyers should use signs to validate themselves to the public. Signs should say “Baker Law Office” or “John Baker, Attorney at Law” and also include contact information. If a lawyer has received special certifications or badges, then he or she is encouraged to place those logos on signs that are used to boost relevance and authority. An attorney is recommended to register with the Better Business Bureau to build a better legal reputation online and offline.

A lawyer’s sign is often the first thing people see when they come into contact with him or her. Signs are a simple way for lawyers to educate others on what they do in practice. Most attorneys have different types of signs depending on their needs and goals. Superior signs lets prospective clients know the type of client a lawyer serves and that they are trustworthy professionals who are there to provide counsel.