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Address Signs – Why They’re So Important

Long before the advent of email, your physical mailing address was, and still is king. Both homes and businesses need to be easy to find, not only by postal and delivery services, but also by visitors and customers. For businesses, this can be an even more crucial element of the business structure, as being difficult to find can potentially cause the loss of a sale.

High Visibility Matters

Business owners, specifically those with brick and mortar businesses, need to make sure they have an address sign on or in front of the building or space that is distinct, readable and placed in such a way that it is spotted quickly and easily.
In certain areas, and on some one or two lane roads, it is an inconvenience to try to find a specific address, miss it, and then have to make a U turn somewhere to come back and try to find it. Inadequately designed and poorly placed signage not only does a disservice to the business, but also to customers and business contacts. A properly placed address sign will solve that issue immediately.

Business Address Signs

Style and practicality can be combined to make a great address sign for a company. An address sign can be displayed in an artfully made design, or a simple one: whichever represents the company the best. It can be a hanging sign, a placard or a pole sign in front of the business with the company logo and name on top, followed by the address info. It can also be placed right on the building itself. What’s most important is that the address sign is easy to see, read, and that the characters on the sign are distinct.

Address Sign Size and Style Specifications

To be optimally seen and read from the road or from a distance, the numbers and letters on an address sign should be at least 4 inches tall, it is advised. Another way to make sure that they are highly visible is by having contrast between the lettering and the surface they are on or against. Make sure that the sign is not hidden or obstructed by anything in front of the building.

Many Styles to Choose From

There are so many styles to choose from and ways to display the business address and/or the company sign. Find one that fits the company image as well as the complex or business area it is in, and that is easy to read for anyone trying to find the address.