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What is window film? Window film is a sheet of durable polyester laminate that can be printed on with your logo and design. This can enhance the appearance of existing windows. Adhesive is used on one side of the film to attach it to the window.

Why should a business use window film? Window film enhances an already existing space. Most businesses have several windows, and these empty windows are lost advertising space. By applying window film to windows, a business can transform that window into something that catches a passerby’s eye. Adding a unique design to a window might be what persuades a customer to stop into that business. Adding a logo or something that represents a business to window film will also provide one additional reminder of the business name and message to those passing by. However, if you do not wish choose to utilize window space for brand representation, there are still other options. A simple design can be applied with window film giving the illusion of decorative glass, but for a much cheaper price. Window film is not just great for looks. It can also be used to decrease visibility into what is behind a window. This is an excellent way to improve privacy.

How is window film installed? There are several steps for applying window film that will ensure a flawless end look. The first step is to clean the window. This is very important so that dirt and debris do not get trapped beneath the film causing it to peel up. The window also needs to be dry prior to installation. The next step is to apply the film. The backing paper will need to be peeled off and the film will need to be slowly applied to the window. The last step is to use a tool such as a squeegee to flatten out any air bubbles or imperfections in the window film. This will ensure the window film looks its very best. These steps should be repeated until all the windows are covered.

Ultimately, window film is a great way to improve the image of any business. It can transform an existing space into something that is sure to catch the eye.