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Many businesses have had to adjust to the frequently changing rules and regulations over the past year due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19. While these regulations are integral for keeping customers and employees safe and healthy, it can be rather confusing to both parties on what the current policies are. This is why signage is so important. Having signage that delineates the COVID-19 updated policies of a business ensures that employees and customers are aware of the current practices. This means both parties can follow those rules easily. Here in Virginia, the mask regulations have recently changed. If a business still requires a mask, it is important to note this in a visible location. The best method for this is window graphics made from vinyl. This ensures that customers can spot this information as they are walking in the door. Another good option for displaying this type of information is a freestanding sign. These signs stand on a pole and can have a base for easy standing. These signs can be moved to wherever they will be most easily seen making them great for displaying important information. Another great option is a sidewalk sign. These signs usually look like easels and are perfect for displaying this critical information outside of a business. This is important as customers may need the information regarding a business’s COVID-19 policies before they enter an establishment so that they have time to comply with that information.

Signage is important throughout an entire establishment and not just at the entrance, especially as many businesses have differing policies regarding COVID-19. Vinyl floor decals that indicate where people can stand to maintain social distancing guidelines are a great way to promote social distancing among customers. Vinyl decals can also be placed along walls to remind customers of health and safety practices. Another great place to place vinyl decals is in restrooms. These decals can be applied to mirrors or doors and can be used to remind employees and customers of hygiene practices and good hand-washing procedure.

Ultimately, in a world where rules and regulations are always changing, signage is absolutely essential for a business so that employees and customers are aware of what they should do to help protect their health and the health of others.