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When considering investing in a new sign, business owners have many options. Among those options are channel signs. A channel letter sign offers a number of benefits, including excellent visibility. This three-dimensional sign also provides the option for illumination. Each individual character, number, or letter represents its own unit in a channel sign. The letters and symbols in a channel letter sign can also be manufactured using a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts.

Fabrication of Channel Letter Signs

The letters that comprise a channel sign are typically manufactured using aluminum and acrylic. The materials are cut to shape using a multicam router or CNC. Since acrylic sheeting is available in numerous colors, it’s possible for these signs to be completely customized. When considering the order of a channel letter sign, it’s important to understand that the face of each letter in a channel sign is attached to the base of the letter, known as the “can”, through what is referred to as the “trim cap.”Highly durable plastic is used for attaching the face of each letter in a channel sign to the actual body of the sign. A liquid bonding agent is used to attach the face of the channel letter to the trim cap. In a manner of speaking, this liquid bonding agent works to weld the two pieces together.

The side of each letter in a channel sign is referred to as the return. In designing a new channel sign, business owners should be aware that the depth of this side typically ranges from about three inches to eight inches. It is possible to customize the depth of the return, but local city and county ordinances should be considered. As is the case with the face of the letters, it’s possible to customize the color of the return.

Channel letter signs are typically illuminated, although non-illuminated signs are also an option. Almost all illuminated channel signs today rely on the use of LED illumination. This option for illumination represents a cost-savings option in terms of energy usage.

Types of Channel Letter Signs  

In choosing the best type of channel letter sign for their needs, business owners may select from front-lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, or a combination. With a combination option, business owners have the flexibility to customize their signs to a great degree. For instance, it’s possible to have a sign with one color for the face and then use a different color for a halo effect.Mounting Choices

Channel signs can also be mounted in a variety of ways, including a metal box raceway, flush mount, or backer mount.