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Businesses and organizations have a tremendous opportunity for communicating important messages, increasing brand awareness, and providing convenient wayfinding information on their interior and exterior walls. There is no reason for walls to be left blank when it’s possible to add vibrant, attention-grabbing wall graphics. Thanks to the latest technology, there is now a wide variety of different wall signs options that business owners can select, making it possible to opt for a style that will meet specific requirements while still appealing to customers.

Different Types of Wall Signs
Wall signs are available in all different colors, shapes, and styles. When choosing the right type of wall sign for a business or organization, it’s important to consider where in the building the sign will be used and the purpose for which it will be used. It’s also important to take into consideration the need for durability of the sign and how long the sign will be used.

Graphic Wall Prints
Among the most popular types of wall signs are graphic wall prints. These signs make it possible to choose signs that are incredibly detailed and precise. Not only are graphic wall prints vivid, but they are also versatile and create a strong impact. The latest technology is used to create wall signs that are immediately attention-grabbing. Additionally, it’s easy to create custom wall graphics that will complement any branding campaign.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letter wall signs have also grown increasingly popular. These signs can be created to look sleek and sophisticated or provide a vintage look. Along with a high degree of visibility, these signs also offer the benefit of durability. These wall signs are also quite easy to maintain, which allows these signs to last a long time without the need for refurbishment or replacement. These signs are perfect for displaying a business name or slogan along a wall.

Wall Decals
In some instances, businesses and organizations do not need wall signs that will last a long time. Instead, they may need temporary wall signage. In such instances, wall decals are a great option for increasing awareness of current campaigns, providing temporary wayfinding information, or disseminating any other message a business or organization might wish to communicate. Wall decals are often created from high-quality vinyl that will adhere easily to a wall without no worries about damaging the wall when the decal is removed.

Other Types of Wall Signs
Many other types of wall signs are also available, included mounted and non-mounted prints as well as backlit framed signs, and even LED signs. With so many different types of wall signs available, it’s easy to choose a wall sign that will communicate the right message.