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A vehicle fleet is an extension of a business’s brand. As such, fleet graphics should be designed carefully to create the most impact.

Grabbing Customer Attention While Creating an Impact
While fleet graphics have the potential to create a major impact, there is a limited time in order to do so. In fact, there are only a few seconds in which to snag the attention of passerby. For this reason, careful thought and consideration should be given to the images used on a fleet graphic so that they will attract the most attention.

Around-the-Clock Promotion
Given that many fleets are on the road day and night, a fleet graphic has the potential to attract attention around the clock. That is only the case, however, when the right materials are used on the graphic. The use of reflective accents is a great way to ensure that messages remain visible even at night. Reflective accents can be used on wraps, cut letters, and decals. As an added benefit, reflective accents also help with safety.

Concise Messaging
Given that a passerby only has a few moments to peruse the messaging on a fleet graphic, it’s important that the messaging used be concise, yet meaningful. Graphics should complement messaging and remain consistent throughout a business owner’s fleet. While variations in design may be used, it’s important to stay on point when it comes to branding while communicating the same overarching message. This means maintaining consistency in terms of colors, themes, and images. When handled correctly, this strategy can go a long way toward reinforcing brand awareness.

Designing to Scale
In some instances, a fleet may feature a variety of vehicles in various types and sizes. When that is the case, it is important for brand messaging as well as designs to be adjusted accordingly. While one design might be ideal for a delivery van, it might be too small for application on a trailer. By designing to scale for fleet wraps, business owners can ensure they are making the most of the effectiveness of their signage.

Importance of Well-Maintained Graphics
Regardless of how on point a marketing message might be on a fleet wrap, it will lose all effectiveness if the graphic is not well maintained. To avoid a negative impression, it’s important to make certain that graphics are kept clean and updated as necessary.

By keeping just a few tips in mind, it’s possible to utilize fleet wraps to the greatest potential and have the vehicles within a fleet serve as brand ambassadors.