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Exterior signs offer many benefits for businesses of all industries. When planning for a new exterior sign, business owners have a variety of different types of signs from which to choose. Various types of exterior signs include:

• Monument signs
• Pylon signs
• Pole signs
• Dimensional letter signs
• Channel letters
• Post and Panel Signs
• Banners

Monument signs are built up from the ground. Many businesses opt to have landscaping around their monument signs. These types of exterior signs are often selected for industrial buildings. These signs can include brick, stone, faux brick, etc. foundations.

Pylon signs may feature several different exterior signs, most of which feature a backlit exterior sign. These signs are commonly used in shopping centers, plazas, and strip malls. These signs are typically placed close to a street and should be visible and readable for those driving by.

Pole signs are situated above a pole. They are commonly used for businesses located beside freeways and with fast-food restaurants. These signs should also be readable for those driving by in a vehicle or a pedestrian walking past the storefront.

Dimensional letter signs feature individually cut shapes and letters that are mounted on a backing or wall. These types of exterior signs may be manufactured from plastic, wood, or even foam.

Channel letters offer an eye-catching 3D shape along with the benefit of interior lighting to ensure they are noticed at night. These commonly used signs can be directly mounted to a building or mounted to a raceway. They may also feature logo capsules to allow for more information or design to be shown.

Post and Panel signs are typically composed of two posts and either an aluminum or an aluminum composite panel in between. These signs are placed in the ground and are perfect for a business entrance. Many different businesses can benefit from these signs including churches and real estate companies.

Choosing the Right Type of exterior Sign
When selecting an exterior sign, it’s important to communicate to the designer the specific type of sign that is needed. This is crucial as it will determine not only the shape of the exterior sign but ensure there is enough contrast for easy readability.