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First impressions are important in all businesses, but they are particularly important when it comes to commercial real estate. Proper commercial real estate signs are crucial to attracting attention that will lead to customers.

Prior to designing commercial real estate signs, it’s important to consider the best type of sign. Real estate firms will find there are numerous options for their needs, including:

Colonial Post Signs – These types of signs have a frame with a sign attached to the frame. Although simple in nature, these signs quickly let passersby know that a property is for sale.

H-Frame Stake – These signs are often used as temporary signs. They offer the benefit of being quite lightweight due to their wireframe, which makes them easy to transport. Additionally, they can be removed from the property easily.

Simple Frames- These signs are often constructed from a wooden or metal frame. Such frames can be used to accommodate one or two signs.

A-Frame Signs – These types of signs are also known as sandwich board signs. These signs can be transported with ease.

In designing commercial real estate signs, it’s also important to think about the information to include on the signs. At a minimum, the name and telephone number of the real estate agent should be included on the sign along with the company’s web address and the name and logo of the real estate agency.

The fonts used on a commercial real estate sign should be easily read from a distance. After all, a sign does not accomplish much if people passing by cannot even read the sign. Unique fonts might look good on paper, but they must be easy to read. Some of the more popular fonts to use for commercial real estate signs include Verdana, Garamond, and Helvetica.

It’s also important to ensure the white space on a commercial real estate sign is handled with care. Many people attempt to fill in this leftover space with far too much information and too many graphics. When a sign is overly crowded, it also becomes difficult to read. Ideally, around 30 percent of the sign should be left empty so that it does not appear to be overly crowded.

Once the sign has been designed, it’s important to think about the proper placement of the sign. Of course, the goal of the sign is to attract attention and encourage prospective buyers to contact the real estate company. Commercial real estate signs should always be placed in a location where they can be easily viewed from any angle. When positioned near a highway or intersection, high visibility is crucial, particularly if near a traffic light.