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Restaurant signs can benefit both customers as well as employees. Regardless of what type of restaurant it is, there are many different types of signs needed by a restaurant. These signs are required not only to ensure the restaurant operates smoothly but also to meet certain legal requirements. When planning for restaurant signs, it’s vital to consider the best way to market menu items while also helping customers to navigate the restaurant.

Indoor restaurants may require such signs as menus, directional signs, public health notices, emergency exits, restroom signs, and more. Signs in a restaurant should remain consistent in terms of branding. When designed correctly, restaurant signs can help to reinforce brand awareness while also helping the restaurant to function properly.

One of the most important ways in which signs can be used in a restaurant is for sales and promotions. Of course, menus are a necessity for restaurants, but there are also other ways in which signs can be used, including to display the latest specials. A great way to do this is by using window decals to quickly attract attention from those passing by while promoting specials and sales. This is a strategy commonly used by fast-food restaurants. Such decals can be quickly applied to windows and just as quickly removed when the promotion has ended. Depending on the need, decals may be applied to either the inside or the outside of the window.

Perforated decals are another option that will help restaurants to make the most of their marketing strategies. With perforated decals, customers have the ability to still see out of the windows. From the outside, passersby will be able to view the advertisement on the decal.

Displaying Menu Information
Wall-mounted menus are a common way for many restaurants to display their menu items. Recently, there has been an increasing trend toward the use of digital menus in many fast-food restaurants. Even if a restaurant is not a fast-food establishment, there may still be a need for signs to display daily specials. These types of signs are a great way to attract potential customers, especially when displayed outdoors.

Regulatory Signs
When it comes to signs for restaurants, there are often many signs that are required by law to meet safety and health codes. Common examples of such signs include maximum occupancy signs, handwashing signs, and restroom signs. These signs should be crafted from durable materials that will last for quite some time.